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Van điện từ SIRAI solenoid valve L180B31-Z610A

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  • Van điện từ SIRAI solenoid valve L180B31-Z610A

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    SIRAI valves have now been updated to ASCO series and are mainly divided into the following four types:
    1. General series: These solenoid valves are suitable for non-corrosive liquid and gaseous media compatible with the valve body material. The valve has two structural types of 2-way or 3-way. Pipe diameter sizes range from 1/8"" to 2"". Different elastic sealing materials and certification materials can be selected according to needs.
    2. Isolation series: This series makes the controlled liquid or gas completely isolated from the internal components of the valve. Usually the medium is of high purity or the equipment application has this special need. Valves are available in 2-way or 3-way versions. Body material can be technopolymer or 316 stainless steel with Viton, Ethylene Propylene, or Teflon.
    3. Pinch-off valve series: These valves are designed for silicon catheters. The valve works by pinching the tube to close or loosening the tube to allow fluid to flow. These are commonly used in devices. Valves are available in 2-way or 3-way versions.
    4. Miniature valve series: These valves are very compact and are used in equipment with little space. There are two types of M5 thread connection brass valve body or nickel-plated alloy material.
    SIRAI brand V series solenoid valve

    V103-08, V105-06, V116-B03, V165-BV, V165-BVD,     

    V164-B02, V164-B05, V164-B90, V216-B03, V365-B02C,

    V365-BIST, V365-V06C, V367-V01G, V165-B01-B07,

    V369, V370, V367, V164, V112, V162,

    V165, V365, V265, V362, V366, V367,

    SIRAI brand D series solenoid valve

    D103-V04, D106-T08, D118-E03, D118-V06,

    D118-V07, D144-E04, D132-V21, D218-E03,

    D144-A13, D144-D15, D144-S6, D132-A22,

    D344-S59, D244V11-D12, D318, D218, D244

    D332, D344, D301, D351, D118, D105, D106,

    D103, D132, D130, D137, D350, D144,

    SIRAI brand S series solenoid valve

    S104, S104-12, S105, S305, S206-07,

    S204, S205, S206, S307, S106,

    S105-10, S105-07-08-11   

    SIRAI brand coil

    Z031, Z036, Z070, Z1, Z5, Z515-535,

    Z570, Z598U, Z6, Z615, Z619A, Z8,

    Z815-835, Z9, ZA, ZA32A, ZA70, ZE30A,

    L112Q0 L140B5 L202V03 L331B24
    L113B20 L140V5 L208V03 L334C18C
    L113B22 L142B01 L256M02 L334C21C
    L113B23 L145R2 L256V01 L334C23C
    L113V22 L145R4 L256V03 L334V19C
    L113V23 L153D07 L256V12 L338M20C
    L114D2 L153D5 L256V14 L339B05C
    L114D3 L159C05 L256V16 L339V05G
    L120C01 L160Q03 L256V17 L340V06G
    L120V02 L171B13 L257V01 L340V07G
    L120V04 L171B14 L257V01 L372V03A
    L120V07 L171V13 L272V03 L372V03C L120V09
    L171V14 L272V07 L372V03G L121B02 L172V03
    L280B48 L372V07A L121C01 L172V07 L280B6
    L372V07C L121D0 L 177B04
    L280V48 L372V07G L121D0 L177V04
    L280V6 L377B03A
    L121V02  L180B17  L320V01C  L377B03C
    L121V05  L180B18  L320V02C  L377B03G
    L127B06  L180B21  L321B02A  L377V03C
    L127V06  L180B34  L321B02C  L377V03G
    L131V07  L180B48  L321B02G  L377V05C
    L133B06  L180B49  L321C05C  L321V02G
    L133B07  L180V17  L321D01C  L323V01G
    L133B10  L180V18  L321D04C  L323V01G
    L133V06  L180V43  L321V02C  L330V03A
    L133V07  L180V48  L133V10   L180V49 
    L134V05  L182B01  L134V06   L182B02 
    L139B08  L182V01  L330V08C  L330V09C
    L139V08  L182V02 




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