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đồng hồ đo áp suất, đồng hồ đo áp lực YXC-100BF -0.1-0.15MPa YXC-100BF -0.1-1.5MPa YXC-100BF -0.1-0MPa YXC-100BF 0-0.1MPa YXC-100BF 0-0.25MPa YXC-100BF 0-0.4MPa YXC-100BF 0-0.6MPa YXC-100BF 0-1.0MPa YXC-100BF 0-1.6MPa YXC-100BF 0-2.5MPa YXC-100BF 0-4MPa

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  • YXC-100BF -0.1-0.15MPa
    YXC-100BF -0.1-1.5MPa
    YXC-100BF -0.1-0MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-0.1MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-0.25MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-0.4MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-0.6MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-1.0MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-1.6MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-2.5MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-4MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-6MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-10MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-16MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-25MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-40MPa
    YXC-100BF 0-60MPa

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    YXC series stainless steel magnetic auxiliary electric contact pressure gauge
        Magnetic contact pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power stations and other industrial sectors or in electromechanical equipment to measure the pressure of various fluid media without explosion hazard. Usually, the instrument is connected to the corresponding electrical devices (such as relays and contactors).
    It can realize automatic control and
    The purpose of sending a letter (alarm).
        In order to adapt to the different needs of the measured objects, this series of instruments has successively developed vibration-resistant type, corrosion-resistant type and corrosion-resistant type based on the original common type and special type.
    There are more than 10 types of products including vibration-resistant type and those with isolation devices.
        In view of the fact that this series of instruments not only have the characteristics of novel equipment, reliable structure, complete varieties and specifications, good action stability and strong adaptability, but also have the characteristics of measurement and control and
    It has the advantages of high precision, simple installation and low maintenance. Therefore, it is a pressure measurement and control instrument that is incomparable to the general pressure controller without indication, switching difference adjustment and external setting device.

     □Main technical indicators and functions
    ·Scale range, accuracy grade and connector thread size
    Note: 1) Models marked with "*" are temporarily limited to special orders
    2) The length of the isolated soft tail is 1, 2, 3, 4 meters (2 meters is the preferred length)
    · Electrical parameters and control form of contact device
    Contact power Maximum operating voltage Maximum operating current Control form
    30VA (resistive load) 220V DC or 380V AC 1A Upper and lower limits, double upper limits, double lower limits

    Note: When the current is 1A, the operating voltage should be lower than 40V
    Environmental conditions for use
    type range of working temperature Relative Temperature Anti-working vibration performance
    medium surroundings
    General type, special type -40~70℃ No more than 85% VH3
    Corrosion resistant type -25~55℃ No more than 90% VH3
    Vibration-resistant type, corrosion-resistant and vibration-resistant type VH4
    Isolation type Below 150℃ -40~70℃ VH3
    Isolation type corrosion resistant -40~70℃
    Isolation type other Below 150℃ -25~55℃ VH4

    Temperature influence: Indication value is not more than 0.4%/10℃, set point is not more than 0.6%/10℃ (use temperature deviation is 20±5℃)
    Structural principle
         The instrument consists of a measuring system, an indicating device, a magnetically assisted electric contact device, a casing, an adjustment device and a junction box (plug socket).
        The working principle of the instrument is based on the spring tube in the measuring system, which is forced to produce corresponding elastic deformation - displacement at the end of the spring tube under the pressure of the measured medium, and is amplified by the pull rod through the transmission of the gear transmission mechanism. The indicator needle (together with the contact) fixed on the gear shaft indicates the measured value on the dial. At the same time, when it contacts (breaks or closes) the contact (upper or lower limit) on the setting needle, the circuit in the control system is disconnected or connected to achieve the purpose of automatic control and alarm.



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