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  • Surge protector (surge protector) (SPD for short), suitable for AC 50/60HZ, rated voltage 220V to 380V power supply system (or communication system), for indirect lightning and direct lightning effects or other instantaneous overvoltage Surge protection is suitable for the surge protection requirements of family residences, tertiary industries and industrial fields. It has protection modes such as phase-to-phase, phase-to-ground, neutral-to-neutral, neutral-to-ground and combinations thereof.

    Surge protector, also called lightning protector, is an electronic device that provides safety protection for various electronic equipment, instruments, and communication lines. When the electrical circuit or communication line suddenly generates a peak current or voltage due to external interference, the surge protector can conduct the shunt in a very short time, so as to avoid the damage of the surge to other equipment in the circuit.

    Due to the use of large-capacity equipment and frequency conversion equipment inside the power supply system, the internal surge problem is becoming more and more serious. We attribute it to the effect of transient overvoltage (TVS). Any electrical equipment has an allowable range of power supply voltage. Sometimes even a narrow overvoltage surge can damage the power supply or all of the equipment. Transient overvoltage (TVS) damage is just that. Especially for some sensitive microelectronic devices, sometimes a small surge may cause fatal damage.

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    1. The protection flow is large, the residual pressure is extremely low, and the response time is fast;
    2. Adopt the latest arc extinguishing technology to completely avoid fire;
    3. Using temperature control protection circuit, built-in thermal protection;
    4. With power status indication, indicating the working status of the surge protector;
    5. Strict structure, stable and reliable work.





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