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Còi báo động Steel plant crane sound and light alarm TBJ-100 TBJ-150 BC-110A marine alarm buzzer

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  • The sound and light integrated alarm is a product developed by our factory based on the actual situation of port machinery, large and medium-sized cranes in the electromechanical industry, ships, docks, and belt conveyor equipment. 


    Main functions and features

    l Alarm function.

    l Easy to use and can work continuously for a long time.

    l Dedicated integrated chip design, super strong electromagnetic anti-interference performance.

    The flash lamp core is specially made of single chip microcomputer, and the number of flashes per second can be customized according to customer requirements.

    l A variety of combination configurations, easy to operate.

    The shell is made of die-cast aluminum alloy, with beautiful structure, can effectively resist the special structure of salt spray corrosion, and the design has good waterproof, moisture-proof and shock-resistant functions.

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    The main technical parameters

    l Application areas: Port machinery, large and medium-sized cranes in the electromechanical industry, ships, and terminal transportation equipment

    l Working voltage: AV220V AC380V DC24V 

    l Power frequency: 50Hz-60Hz

    l Speaker power: 106dB-120dB

    l Sound frequency: 800HZ (D-tuned)

    l Protection level: IP56

    l Operating temperature: -30℃-+70℃

    l Color: red, yellow, green (optional)

    Installation, debugging and usage

    1. Check whether the power supply is consistent with the rated voltage of the sound and light alarm.

    2. The voice and light alarm is fixed to the mounting surface with 4 M6 screws. The mounting surface should be flat and have sufficient mechanical strength.

    3. Connect the power and control wires through the stuffing box and connect them correctly according to the terminal definitions on the labels.

    4. Check that the power cord and other control lines are connected correctly before starting the power supply.

    5. Rotate the volume adjustment potentiometer to adjust the volume.




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