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Chổi than Shanghai Nanzheng carbon brush D104 25*32*60mm

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  • Chổi than Shanghai Nanzheng carbon brush D104 25*32*60mm

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    Yueqing Mingxidian Carbon Products Co., Ltd. is an enterprise that introduces foreign advanced equipment production lines, uses carbon and graphite raw materials from China, Germany, Italy, France, Britain, Japan and other countries to produce various imported graphite material carbon brushes and carbon products. Such as: carbon brushes for industry and trains, carbon brushes for household appliances, carbon brushes for electric tools, carbon brushes for generators, carbon brushes for automobiles and motorcycles, graphite crucibles, carbon bearings, carbon mechanical seal rings, graphite electrodes, graphite molds, gasoline engine scrapers , Air pump carbon sheets, carbon brush holders, constant pressure springs, collector rings, and various motor accessories.

    The company always adheres to the tenet of "technology, high quality and high efficiency", adopts advanced equipment, perfect technology and diligent pursuit of product quality, and continuously introduces various high-quality products. It is a carbon brush enterprise enjoying a good image in the domestic and international markets. . The products are sold to all provinces and cities in the country, and exported to Western Europe, the Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and achieved gratifying results. The company's technology, system, and management innovation system are becoming more and more perfect, and it is advancing to the world on the road of leapfrog development, gradually becoming a modern enterprise with scientific management, advanced technology, large scale, and high efficiency. Greater user satisfaction and win the trust and support of more users.
    "Based on professionalism, winning by quality" is the long-term development idea of ​​the company. The company adopts the method of independent research and development and the introduction of advanced technology at home and abroad to establish and improve the enterprise product system. The products produced by the company have passed 3C certification and ISO9001 quality system Certification, received unanimous praise.

    "Innovation, development, collaboration, harmony" is the company's business philosophy. In the face of the booming electrical industry in the world, we will, as always, continue to dedicate rigorous, high-quality, and efficient products and services to our customers. We warmly welcome your presence and guidance!






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