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Bộ nạp ắcquy, DC screen charging module GZ22010-3, GZ22010-5, GZ22010-6, GZ22010-8, GZ11020-3, GZ11020-5, GZ11020-6, GZ11020-8

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  • Mã sản phẩm: GZ22010-3, GZ22010-5, GZ22010-6, GZ22010-8, GZ11020-3, GZ11020-5, GZ11020-6, GZ11020-8
  • Bộ nạp ắcquy, DC screen charging module GZ22010-8

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Product name: GZ22010-8 DC screen power module

    Module Features

    LCD Chinese character display, module working status and working parameters at a glance. Through RS485 interface, when the system main monitoring work, the module receives the working parameters sent by the main monitoring. When there is no main monitor, the module working parameters can be conveniently set on the module panel.

    The Z-type module uses software calibration technology. There is no potentiometer inside the module. The module's output voltage, output current limit, voltage measurement, and current measurement can be calibrated through the keys and LCD display. The module parameter setting is convenient and quick.

    Adopt autonomous current sharing technology, the current sharing deviation between modules is less than 3%.

    ZVS soft switching technology edge resonance technology is used to greatly reduce the switching process loss, thereby further reducing the volume, weight, and greatly improving the module performance.

    Module technical parameters

    Rated working voltage: 380V (-15% ~ + 12%), 50HZ.

    Voltage change range: AC323-437V.

    Frequency change range: 50HZ ± 10%.

    Output voltage range: DC194V-291V (DC220V), 97V-145.5V (DC110V)          

    Output current limit range: (5% -100%) × rated current

    Dimensions: 300 * 160 * 420 (mm)

    Module net weight: 13kg.

    cooling method:

    GZ22010-3 module adopts self-cooling method to overcome the shortcomings of air-cooled modules. It is applicable to any environment and the product is more stable and reliable.

    (All the above products of our company, including the maintenance module provided by the customer, are free for one year warranty).

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