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Bộ nạp ắcquy, DC screen charging module GF11020-2、GF11020-3、GF11020-5、GF11020、GF11020-6、GF11020-8、G10H、G10H1、GF22010、GF22010-2、GF22010-3、GF22010-5、GF22020、GF22020-6、GF22020-8、GF22005-2、GF22007-2、GF11010-2

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  • Mã sản phẩm: GF11020-2、GF11020-3、GF11020-5、GF11020、GF11020-6、GF11020-8、G10H、G10H1、GF22010、GF22010-2、GF22010-3、GF22010-5、GF22020、GF22020-6、GF22020-8、GF22005-2、GF22007-2、GF11010-2
  • Bộ nạp ắcquy, DC screen charging module  GF11020-2、GF11020-3、GF11020-5、GF11020、GF11020-6、GF11020-8、G10H、G10H1、GF22010、GF22010-2、GF22010-3、GF22010-5、GF22020、GF22020-6、GF22020-8、GF22005-2、GF22007-2、GF11010-2

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Product name: Charging module GF22010-9

     Technical Parameters

    Brand: Incore

    Model / MODEL: GF22010-9

    AC input / AC INPUT: 380-400V ~ 6A 3W + PE 45HZ-65HZ

    DC output / DC OUTPUT: 220V ----- 10A

    Module dimensions (depth × width × height): 413mm × 110mm × 257

    Module weight: 8kg


    It is suitable for the module used for charging the DC screen of the power distribution room, and some people call it the module of the DC screen of the high voltage room.


    Outer package shape: 572mm * 422mm * 255 mm (length, width, height), gross weight: 10kg.

    The product is equipped with a waterproof nylon bag, a middle-set pearl cotton mold sleeve, and a cardboard box for packaging. The packaging is suitable for transportation in any way. If the product is damaged during transportation, the company is responsible for replacing the new machine for free.

    (All the above products of our company, including the maintenance module provided by the customer, are free for one year warranty).

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