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DX8808 type packaging controller automatic putty powder packaging machine accessories weighing batching controller DX8808

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  • DX8808 type packaging controller automatic putty powder packaging machine accessories weighing batching controller DX8808

    Tình trạng sản phẩm:

    Quantitative packaging controller is an automatic quantitative control microcomputer specially provided for cement packaging machines. It adopts single-chip microprocessors, high-precision A/D conversion technology, uses metal shells with strong anti-high frequency and electromagnetic field interference capabilities, and strictly implements advanced Advanced production technology, 72-hour aging test, and testing specifications ensure the reliability and stability of its long-term work. It can be widely used in various quantitative packaging weighing control equipment.

    Main technical performance:
        (1) It adopts 51 series single-chip microcomputer, high-speed A/D conversion technology, high resolution and high intelligence.
        (2) Software and hardware technologies such as metal shell, special sensor, digital filtering, nonlinear compensation, and one-key return to zero have improved the anti-interference ability and linearity of the instrument, and eliminated the zero point drift of the system.
        (3) Full numeric keyboard, simple and clear calibration method.
        (4) It has a variety of display windows, which can intuitively display various parameters such as reference, operation, zero weight, etc., and the operation is convenient and simple.
        (5) Working status LED indication.
        (6) It has power-off protection and data protection functions.



    Main technical indicators:
        1. Power supply voltage: AC220V/50HZ
        2. Working temperature: -10℃-+45℃
        3. Relative humidity: ≤85%
        4. Power consumption 10W, fuse 500mA
        5.Range 2-30mV
        6. A/D resolution 1/500,000
        7. Sensor bridge voltage 8V (350Ω sensor)
        8. Overload Range 120%

    On-site installation requirements:
        1. There are three ways to fix the controller (back-mounted, back-fixed and bottom-fixed), and it can be installed at a location with a small vibration source according to site conditions.
        2. The sensor is a high-sensitivity device. It should be kept vertical during installation, and all parts should be kept firm without loosening or shifting. The sensor should have a certain pre-tension. The sensor lead should not be too tight or too loose, and there should be no jamming around the sensor. .
        3. The mechanical part of the weighing body should be firm and cannot be loosened. The weighing body is relatively suspended, and the contact between the weighing body and the non-balancing body should be avoided as much as possible.




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